My new life – true healing stories

by Catalina Arizpe Narro & Luise Kohl-Hajek

Catalina suffered a Cerebral Infarction due to Herpetic Encephalitis A in October 1988.  As a result, she lost her memory and the capacity to use language.  Rebuilding her life, she had to begin her basic education anew in 1989 with her husband and her two children as her teachers.  A year later she started studying at the Audiophonic Center in Monterrey.  Continuing her rehabilitation, she learned the Tomatis Method at the Listening Center in 1993.  By 1995, after 6 years in rehabilitation in order to mobilize the left side of her body, which had been rendered immobile, and undergoing various treatment methods, including  two hundred injections over a two year period, Catalina became interested in the functioning of the brain and started attending seminars and talks on this topic, continuing her search for health.

On her journey towards health, she was invited in 2007 to attend some talks where Zhineng Qigong was discussed.  This interested her and seeking to study the science more deeply, she attended several Zhineng Qigong seminars and retreats.  The result was that, together with a group of enthusiastic friends interested in Zhineng Qigong, Catalina opened “Zhineng Qigong Salud Plena Monterrey”.

In 2013, Catalina attended a workshop presented in México by Chinese teacher Master Yuantong Liu, a Zhineng Qigong Master who was trained by Grandmaster Dr Pang Ming.  Master Liu invited her to travel to China to finish her Zhineng Qigong studies there and to become certified as a therapist.  Her journey did not end here, as she continues to attend workshops and courses in México, the United States and China in order to study Zhineng Qigong Science and the natural capacity of human beings to transform themselves.

She has also been supporting the work of the Think First Centre for ten years, using the mind to protect the body.  Catalina is a singing teacher at La Casa Que Canta where she teaches Early Stimulation.  They also spend some of their time singing in hospitals and wherever they are invited to do so, with the sole purpose of brightening up lives.

“Illness for me is a self-correcting and feedback mechanism that has allowed me to return to the path of happiness and happiness itself, with the spontaneous fulfilment of all my desires.

My heart is happy and deeply grateful to everyone who has helped “Zhineng Qigong Salud Plena Monterrey” to remain active with a single intention. our way (mind and heart united) to a new life.”

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