Importance of consciousness for your self-health care

by Master Ma Chengjie

Zhineng Qigong Master Ma

Master Ma Chengjie is the Chairman of Chaoyueren Health Management Co. Ltd. in Beijing. He is committed to the research and promotion of brain science and brain science applications, especially the long-term research on brain consciousness and brain potential, exploring how humans use consciousness to develop their own potential and self-optimize life, so as to realize the transition to a new life model (the second set of life models).

Master Ma Chengjie has accomplished remarkable achievements in researching the potential development of adolescents and the application of brain science.  He also conducted potential development training for tens of thousands of challenged students and assisted them in the speedy improvement their learning abilities, including concentration, memory, intuition and creativity.

Through a series of research experiments spanning 20 years, Master Ma has proved that the special and diverse potential of human beings can be developed, affirming the great value and significance of brain science research and strengthening the transition to the second set of life models for humans.

Importance of consciousness for your self-health care – abstract of this talk

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